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We’re a balanced rejuvenation destination to recover from life’s journey.

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About us

Our mission is to provide a safe space for women in high profile positions or lifestyle opportunities to work through emotional blocks, self-defeating mindsets and stress. To prevent mental health issues in a society filled with tension and high performance.

We need everyone to be mentally healthy. Women in power and heads of households need the support and options to help them to continue taking care of business and homes. We want to provide the highest level of service while individualizing every customer and maintaining integrity, fairness, and honesty. We see ourselves as a trusted company, which means that our clients can rely on us for the best mental health and wellbeing services.

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Workshops for each program are chosen based on 3 separate categories: Wellness education, Physical Activity and Key Programming. See examples of each below.

River of Life

Use of art therapy in a safe and supportive environment to gain insight about how the past has shaped their current mood and mindset.


Gentle classes for people at all levels meant to build physical strength and flexibility as well as mental stamina.

Herbal Tea

Learn how simple herbs can aid the body in reducing inflammation, promoting sleep, improving digestion and overall detoxifying the body.


“Wonderful service. Very Professional” – Skylar Adleson

“I’ve known Nakeda for approximately 5 years and have had the opportunity and pleasure of watching her matriculate and mature gracefully through her career as a stylist and entrepreneur. Besides being a master of her craft she is a wealth of knowledge and offers a unique perspective based on experiences and her keen level of self awareness. Although we are in unrelated fields Ive routinely enjoyed bouncing ideas off her to gather insight. On a personal level I enjoy connecting to get her perspective on life, love, and other topics relevant to my personal and professional growth. I would highly recommend connecting with her as you not be disappointed.” – Archie, Human Resources Supervisor

“This retreat provided me with an inviting and comfortable space to relax and relate with other wonderful women on a journey to better themselves. I was reminded of basic tools I possess and given new food for thought, to kick start my newest endeavor of building healthier habits for being my best version of me. I recommend this to those who feel stuck, wanting some guidance, and just needing to take that first step towards whatever new journey they are wanting to begin.” – Vanessa

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