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About Bold Mind & Spirit

The Retreat

Owner, Nakeda Lindsey, gives men and women in high profile professions permission to be both selfish and selfless outside of work. Many disintegrations people go through are symptoms of backed up emotions, carried around since childhood. The amalgam of experiences you’ve had that ended you here will require a layered approach. So we will have available:

  • Therapy: Specialized counselors, therapists, holistic practicioners that work together to craft programs and treatment plans for current and aftercare.
  • Nutrition: Nutritionists will be ons taff to plan customized eating plans and supplements for better health and growth.
  • Exercise: Yoga, Tai Chi, boxing etc to build strength mentally and physically.
  • Health Screens: Blood tests to check for parasites and levels of minerals to check for deficiencies.

We offer in each of our programs three freshly prepared meals each day that are created for your recommended diet, custom daily scheduled activities and programs according to your individual goals and a beautiful, clean environment for resting and sleeping.