Naked With Nakeda

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Let’s Get Naked! Nude! Raw!

With our limitations, fears, and

VULNERABILITY… Let’s be heard and seen in our relationships with others and self.

This program is designed to support single, introverted men ready to rebuild or renew confidence for stronger relationships.

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Try Not To Become A Man Of Success But Rather A Man Of Value

Albert Einstein


Work With Nakeda

You’ve been told all your life… “be strong, shake it off, don’t cry!”.

So how do you manage your emotions? Where do you go for relief, reflection, or restoration? Childhood traumas and life choices and disappointments can lead to emotional overload, which can lead to unhealthy habits for outlets.

How about a hurtful divorce or lost of companion?

Maybe you struggle with emotional connections in fear or rejection.

You or a loved one would benefit from getting Naked with Nakeda! She will advocate and support your peace of mind without harsh judgement or ridicule as you find your way back to bliss and confidence to conquer your dreams.

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His Natural Retreat

Having someone you trust to hear and understand your journey is important. A serious, no nonsense coach to be in your corner as you punch through challenges life has thrown your way.

No more empty relationships, only the ones that has meaning and purpose.

  • Find peace and enjoyment for yourself.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Go fishing,
  • Master your golf game,
  • Build an empire,
  • Be a better Father, Son, Lover, Husband.
  • Be open to a fresh connection with like minded Men.
  • Increase your workout for better performance, or any other mindset shift that needs to take place.

Together, we can build your personalized blueprint that you can refer back to to remind yourself who you are

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Discover Our Programs And Events

My programs support single, introverted men to mental, physical, and emotional confidence.

  • Meetings*Lunch*Dinner*Special Events and collaborations for authentic results.
  • Custom-built 30/60/90/day programs to enhance your goals
  • Regain courage, communication and charisma to more fulfilling relationships.

About Nakeda

I have had the opportunity to construct honest bonds with distinguished gentlemen and boys. They trust me to listen, understand and appreciate them for the essentialism. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a supportive link for their growth and success.

So What Are You Waiting For ?

Send me a message and let’s get started. You’ll hear back from me within 3 to 5 business days.